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Hi! This is a blog filled with my randomness. I do NOT take credits for the things posted here. Unless, otherwise stated. If you want me to credit you or to delete your stuff, kindly message me. NO HATE PLEASE!

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My fave blogger have already retweeted and favorited a tweet of mine, and liked and commented on my Instagram….

A follow from her would totally freak me out!!!!


favourite lyrics  taylor swift

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Food Adventures: Ally's All-day Breakfast Place


Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is famous for its restaurants. There’s like a hundred restaurants to choose from. Being a foodie that I am, a food adventure is a must (most call it a ‘food trip’, but it’s just too mainstream!).

Here’s how to get to Maginhawa from UST: Ride a Jeep/Bus/FX to SM…

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Track 3

5SOS + favorite keeks

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Luke + music videos

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 by Jodimichelle
Out of the Woods in Snapchats

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